Our Capacity

Detailed Planning

After a detailed interview allowing us to identify your needs and your requests, our team of engineers will scrutinize all the information necessary for the implementation of a plan through various methods of investigation and research in order to determine the feasibility of the project and estimate its profitability. Based on the identified possibilities and limitations, we will then design detailed plans and simulations with your cooperation. The deadlines based on the needs and the collaboration of the specialists will then be submitted and can be followed to the letter.

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Our services

Your Project On Paper

Each design step requires in-depth expertise of the method and is covered by our specialists

Business plan

costs, schedules, profitability studies...

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Feasibility study

Preliminary plans, permit applications, environmental tests, structural tests...

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Architecture Plans

Diagrams of foundations, plumbing, electrical network, framework, masonry ...

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Interior & Exterior Design

Schematizations, simulations of the final results...

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Optimization of Spaces and Revenues

Comparative studies, option submissions...

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