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Who we are

RenoVConstruction Offers A 360 Service In The Field Of Construction

From the first contact with RenoVConstruction, you will be supervised by a team of experienced and dedicated project managers who will determine all the details of your project.


Our team covering a wide range of specialties has been field tested many times and has always managed to make our customers’ requests a reality.

The Future Of Construction

A Productivity-Focused Approach

RenoVConstruction's 360 method is not an accidental decision. It is a method developed after decades of experience that helps reduce friction when moving from one stage to another and helps maximize the use of material resources, the use of human resources and the use of the time.

Our Promise

Surpassing the Competition at All Levels

Resource Centralization

RénoVConstruction has the ability to take charge of all stages of a project and as a result, can reuse resources from one stage to another, reducing costs and optimizing the use of material and human resources.

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Multidisciplinary Expertise

Unlike other companies in the field, RenoVConstruction selects project managers able to understand all the stages of their projects, thus allowing collaboration between specialists and a smooth transition between stages.

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Real Estate Value Increase

Our team understands the primary objective of any real estate project: the benefit of the investor. This focus permeates every decision of our managers and every one of their suggestions. This is how in an industry known for its deadlines, RenoVConstrction stays within its budgets and timelines.

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